Academic sick leave

Quite a few definition textual evidence students, due to certain problems in their studies or simply unsuccessful circumstances, eventually decide to take an academic leave. However, they do not give it away just for fun. For this you need a good, valid reason. There are two valid reasons for taking leave of absence under our laws: illness and certain family circumstances. Let us consider both options in more detail.

Academic leave for family reasons
Academic leave for family reasons is granted for two to six academic terms. It is possible only when it is necessary to care for a sick close relative, a child, or the student’s family has financial problems.

In the first case, together with an application to the dean or rector (depending on the university), you must submit a health certificate for the person you plan to care for. The adjectives that start with re essential thing in this situation is that no one else but you can take care of this very relative (you may request a certificate of family composition). The commission will carefully analyze the circumstances of the relative’s illness and, in case of a favorable outcome, will give you the right to attend the academy. Family circumstances include the presence of a student’s own child under the age of three years. In this case, a copy of the child’s birth certificate will be required for registration of the academy.

Academic sick leave

If the family in which the student lives is short of money, other certificates will be required. This is primarily a certificate of the family composition, as well as a certificate of income of each family member for the last six months. Of course, the income for each family member should be below the minimum subsistence level. The application, again, is considered by a separate commission.

Academic sick leave is granted to students who missed at least 28 days during a semester due to illness or injury. The right to the Academy is granted by a package of documents consisting of three certificates: certificates of form 095/y, 027/y and the conclusion of the KEC (Clinical Expert Commission) with the recommendation to grant the sick student the academic leave.

Certificate 095/y is a certificate of temporary disability of the bearer for medical reasons. It is issued exclusively to students of higher and secondary educational institutions by a physician. The certificate gives the right to be released from school for up to 10 calendar days. If the student’s illness lasts longer, the certificate may be extended for up to 30 days. In this case, you must submit the certificate 027/y together with it.

The 027/y certificate is an informative statement of a student’s state of health from his or her outpatient records, epicrisis or other medical documents. You need this medical certificate when applying for an academic leave, for release from physical education for a long period (up to 45 days).

And finally, the KEC report (KCC). It confirms a person’s incapacity to work for a period not exceeding one year. The terms of the commission’s decision vary within one week (less often for longer), as meetings are held once every 7 days. The time frame for issuing the decision depends on the specific case.

Together with the abovementioned references, an application must be submitted in the name of the rector or dean.