Adolescence is an inexhaustible topic such as Parents whose children are just approaching this age are worried about how to properly prepare for it and draw scary pictures for themselves. Parents who are already experiencing it with their children share everyday experiences that often resemble notes from the front line. And all parents want one thing – give a magic “pill” so that everything becomes good.

Dear Parents! There are no universal tips or magic recipes,

Group of funny teenagers indoors

but there are specific guidelines that help you understand what is happening and finally stop being afraid.

Adolescence is not a disease, it is a period of restructuring and reading In order to build something, you need to clear a place. Given the scope of construction, certain problems cannot be avoided. And this is good! You need to worry when a teenager behaves quietly and obediently. When clearing the foundation, bricks from childhood may appear. And not entirely successful. You should not be afraid, because if the problem is visible, it can be solved! And no more fear…