Psychological preparation for school

School readiness, it turns out, is not just about skills and knowledge and Psychological readiness for school is like a snowman. Everyone has heard of it. Everyone knows that it’s some important thing that is tested by psychologists with… Read More

What is the causal body

Sometimes there is confusion with What is the correct word for ‘causal’ or ‘causal’ body? The word ‘causal’ comes from the Latin causa, which means ’cause. Therefore, this thin shell is sometimes called the causal or karmic body, indicating… Read More

Yoga postures to relieve PMS symptoms

Premenstrual syndrome (PMS) is a common problem for many women, causing both physical and emotional discomfort. Everyone tries to cope with unpleasant symptoms in their own way: someone uses anti-inflammatory and pain relief drugs, drinks birth control pills with low… Read More

The seventh chakra – Sahasrara

The chakra is located in the area of the crown. More information is available here: The color of the chakra is white. The mantra for the chakra is “Om”. There is an opinion that Sahasrara is not a chakra… Read More