How to learn to count quickly in an adult's mind

How to learn to count quickly in an adult’s mind
How to learn to count quickly in the mind of an adultHow to learn to count quickly in the mind of an adult ? Calculations of mathematical character have always brought the mind in order, trained thinking. And just the ability to count in the mind will be useful for both children and adults, and learning to count is not so difficult.

Do not argue that to perform mathematical operations in the mental form is always better and faster than using specially designed for this device.

Plus, it will save you time and money, as well as excellent training for the mind. And the positive factor is that with the skills of rapid oral computing, you can make the most enjoyable impression on others, or rather on those who do not have this ability.

How do you learn to quickly count in an adult’s mind…
Some adults perfectly overcome the calculations (subtraction, multiplication) in the mind, be it unambiguous or two-digit numbers, but the rest are difficult to give such mathematical calculations. Often, many people just need to be able to calculate in the mind due to various circumstances, when without such skills, you can not. Usually these are adults of math professions or those who have already got into the habit of doing the math in the mind.

There are a number of abilities that are in almost every person from birth, and they just need to develop and train. But rarely can you find a person who will amaze by the speed and ease of calculation of complex examples (for example, in which there are three-digit numbers). After all, the most ordinary person may find it difficult to perform calculations even in written form.

It is possible to conquer such heights, you just need to be able to use some methods related to fast calculation in the mind, which have developed scientists. And to get a positive result, surprise others with the sharpness of thought and develop a certain skill of calculations in the mind, you should pay attention to the following elements:

An ability can be acquired. Colossal role is played by attention, memorization ability, logical inclinations;
Math algorithms need to be known. The ability to understand the laws of mathematics, the accumulation in memory of various arithmetic schemes that are effective, the application of all this in operational form and in the case;

How to learn to count quickly in an adult's mind

The experience gained must be constantly trained and consolidated. Train memory and attention as often as possible, gradually increasing the load. After all, just knowing certain formulas is not enough, you still need to be able to apply them in practice.
Visual technique
When you score in your mind, you kind of draw them in front of you. Believe me, it’ll make the calculations easier. The result will be effective if you practice the following skills and conditions:

Ability to work with tedious work;
Control your passion for the process;
Perception of the game form.
Do not forget about the human state of trance. This is when the adult is focused on a particular action and is not distracted by others. In the trance state you can stay in the same position for a long time, the reaction to your body is absent. In general, it is worth remembering that it is more likely to learn the oral count, you need to be able to use mathematical rules quickly, clearly and on business!