How to learn to jump high

The question of how to learn to jump high is usually faced by athletes. In sports such as athletics, gymnastics, volleyball, basketball, height jumping is often crucial.

And while track and field athletes and gymnasts use specific methods to develop this skill, in order to increase jumping in a game sport or dance, the first priority is to increase the strength and endurance of muscles and the body as a whole.

How do you learn to jump high?
To develop an optimal training program to increase the height of the jump, it is necessary to understand which muscle groups are involved in pushing the body up. Above all, these are quadriceps and calf muscles. If you trace the process of the jump step by step, you will see that the movement begins with the ankles, then the calves are involved, and last of all the front part (extensors) of the hip is connected. These muscle groups need to be trained first of all.

Naturally, the abdominal and back stabilizing muscles are equally important, but they will get enough load during training of the explosive power of caviar and quadriceps. It is advisable to use bodybuilding schemes, supplementing them with aerobic training to increase the overall endurance of the body. You can train not only in the gym, but also at home – in any case you can get a quick result.

The program of training aimed at high jump in volleyball, basketball, dance may look like this:

Jumping with a jump rope. For how do you learn to jump high without jumping? The rope helps to improve jumping in all sports, effectively trains endurance, develops the cardiovascular system. You have to jump daily for at least twenty minutes, or even half an hour. It is necessary to monitor your heart rate and technique: jump up as much as possible, pushing off the floor with both legs, keeping your ankles at a minimum distance from each other.
Squats are the most effective exercise for those who want to learn to jump high. There are many types of squats and only with their help you can work out absolutely all the muscles of the legs. Classic sitting is done from a standing position, legs on the width of shoulders, socks slightly turned outside. An important condition for correct execution is to keep your straight back on the whole trajectory.
In this case, the knees must not extend beyond the plane limited by the socks of the feet. The heels are tightly pressed against the floor. The axle should be at least as close as possible to the position where the hips are parallel to the floor, ideally lower. Both down and upward movement is slow. The number of repetitions – up to twenty in one approach, approaches – from three. Weights can be added to further complicate squats as training increases.

How to learn to jump high

Squats with jumps are suitable for increasing jumping in volleyball and other game sports. This is done from the same starting position as a squat. Only from the lower point of movement, when the hips are parallel to the floor, it is necessary to jump out and as if hang at the top. The mode of execution is the same as for sitting down. Heavy weights can also be used to make it more complicated.
High jump is not possible without training the caviar, for which you can do a very simple exercise – lifting to the socks, the maximum amplitude, to a burning sensation in the caviar. In one approach – up to thirty repetitions, the number of approaches – from three. It is possible to make the exercise more difficult with weights, as well as to add jumps, or do it from a step, so that the heels in the lower part of the trajectory went to the level below the socks.
Only four exercises for home training or in the gym will help you to learn how to jump using the maximum explosive power of your feet. Thus, a high jump in volleyball or other sports is only 40-60 minutes a day: you have to jump on the rope every day, and strength training is 2-3 times a week. By practicing regularly, you will get quite a fast and high result.