write with beautiful handwriting

How do you learn to write with beautiful handwriting? Especially if you’re old enough. If the issue is torturing you or you just want a change in yourself, be patient and train your willpower.

It is much harder for an older person to change an already formed handwriting than for a child. You have to follow certain rules.

How do you learn to write beautifully with a pen
To begin with, prepare your workplace for cleanliness, remove foreign objects. You will need a couple of pens, sheets of paper on which you will try (in stripes) and a calligraphic sample (penmanship);
Sit at the table correctly, elbows should not hang, and posture should be kept even, not slouch;
Position the writing sheet in front of you, the distance from the look to the working surface is about 30-35 cm.
Take the ballpoint pen in your hand (place your fingers as correctly as possible). Handwriting may also depend on the model of the ballpoint pen. So change pens to find out for yourself what is convenient to write;
Instead of a ballpoint pen, it is recommended to use a gel pen or capillary pen. It makes your lines smooth, clear, and free of ink stains. It’s a trifle, but it’s nice;
Gently, without rushing out a capital letter with your hand, then a capital letter. Do it until it’s an A-plus. As soon as everything turns out, we try to write other letters from the alphabet.
These rules require perseverance, patience and a lot of time. But when the result is what you expected, you’ll realize that these actions were worth it.

How do you learn to write with beautiful handwriting?
How can you make your handwriting more beautiful if the manner of writing is already formed? You just have to set yourself a clear goal and follow it hard. You have to start with the right brush position. Before you start learning beautiful handwriting, do some gymnastics – move the brush in a circle, then squeeze your fist several times, bend and straighten your fingers. Afterwards we start learning:

 write with beautiful handwriting

Draw spirals, large curls and zigzags on paper;
following your movements, slowly draw a sample along the contour;
focus on the energy in your brush, movements and sensations in your fingers;
do repetitions until everything is perfect, then you can speed up. If this is not a hindrance, try drawing it with a smaller size.
Exercise in good light and in a quiet working environment. To develop the beauty of handwriting, write more by hand. Be sure to have faith in yourself and the result you want will not be long in coming. Thanks to the ability to write beautifully, you can easily make greeting cards to friends, fill out all kinds of documentation and much more, just proud of your changes for the better.