The illusion has always fascinated the audience. So it is natural to learn how to learn tricks with maps, the disappearance of animals, monuments or living people.

How to learn tricks with cards

This kind of action has always fascinated, intrigued the imagination and, of course, uplifted the mood.
Not without curiosity, always tormented by the same question – how to do it? To answer this question, first of all, you need to study a certain amount of information and understand what the trick.

The main task of focus is to be surprised. And what it will be like for the viewer, depends on the way the magician is presented. In order to perform a trick with the expected success, you need to be able to control the viewer’s thoughts. If you train hard, you can learn how to do the simplest tricks. For example, you have solved the mystery of the trick, long and hard rehearsed, and here it is, the performance and the long-awaited result. You need to start learning a trick with something simplified and learn a few rules:

Before the performance to work on gestures, facial expressions, speech, which will always begin with the performance. This will help to relax the viewer;
A magician’s clothes should be dark and with lots of hidden pockets;
Work on the dexterity of the hands;
Always keep the spectator in an intriguing state, never reveal the secret of the trick, let alone repeat it on an encore;
Don’t argue with the viewer.
Everybody knows that in thematic literature tricks are always presented as this or that puzzle to be solved. But it’s far from being the case. The essence of all tricks is to imitate a miracle. After all, the delight of the viewer always causes exactly a miracle, which can not be explained. It is not necessary to believe in miracles, the imitation itself is important.

How to learn tricks with cards

The tricks of card tricks
The easiest and easiest way to learn tricks is to use cards. After all, almost everyone in the house has such a props. Tricks on cards have high efficiency, develop logic, memory, intuition and attention. There is no limit to improving the performance of tricks on cards. But there are also some nuances.

To work, you need to choose flexible cards with a thin base and plastic coating;
the shirt of the card should be painted evenly, without any frames or edges, so that the viewer will not notice the card in his hand;
It is very important to learn how to shuffle cards correctly, to memorize them;
Some magicians “warm” the cards to body temperature, believing that this way they become aprons, show submission;
If the cards are very worn out, you should use fan powder;
And in general, in order to pick up cards for tricks, you need to buy as many different decks as possible. After all, training takes effort, time and wear out the cards badly.
Learn simple card tricks you will help video lessons on the Internet, the study of literature on a given topic and, of course, the desire. So, go ahead!