There is no need to be angry with the baby, because he may not remember parental instructions or quickly forget how to properly clean up, how to behave, read etc. After all, this is how his brain works.

According to a well-known psychologist, children do not perceive parental speech well, especially if it is monotonous, instructive or instructive. Something will be deposited in short-term memory, and after 3 days, knowledge goes into long-term memory or is deleted as unnecessary material.

– Tell stories to kids.

A fairy tale invented by parents, with the necessary instructive content, will be better remembered and will give the desired result. You just need to tell interesting, with all the details.

For example: the baby prevents the mother from talking on the phone. As soon as she starts an important conversation, the child pulls her, screams and demands attention in every possible way. Mom asked several times not to interfere, but everything repeats, with every call.

In this case, it is worth coming up with a story or a fairy tale or read Tell how a boy or a bunny prevented his mother from talking on the phone, and this caused an unpleasant situation. The mother hare did not hear how the fox asked her to help take the injured fox to the hospital. Dilute the story with colorful epithets so that the child can feel how bad it is to interfere with his mother.

– Learn through play.

With the help of the game, you can quickly teach the child many rules or actions. Come up with an interesting plot and let the dolls or soft toys perform the duties that need to be taught to the child. Let the toys put things in order in the children’s room, cross the road, learn to sit at the table, etc. Gradually, the child may join the game, telling the toys how to do something.

Visual role-playing games are able to quickly teach the child all the necessary tricks.