Adolescence is a time when a child goes through physical, mental and emotional changes. It is extremely difficult for parents to carry out the educational process in such a period. However, to make this age less problematic is within the power of each parent. To do this, you should follow some recommendations.

1. Listen to the words of a teenager and As a child grows up, their own opinion and outlook on life begin to form. And parents have to deal with it. The more parents listen to their child, the better they can understand what is happening to him.
2. As a teenager becomes more independent, he needs personal space. Parents should respect the privacy of their child, give him a little freedom of action, but at the same time know what he is doing and where he is. Since every teenager strives for independence, he does not like it when they try to make a decision for him. Therefore, the child should be involved in joint decision-making. This will help you win his trust.
3. Parents, expressing their trust in a teenager, will be able to win him over, get trust in return. And this means that the teenager will openly share his thoughts and current events.

4. Despite the difficult period, the teenager still needs the love and affection of his parents and By showing their love, parents are able to make their child happier and fulfill his dreams.
5. A conversation with a teenager, in most cases, leads to an argument and disagreement. Therefore, it is important for parents to decide what is fundamental for them, and what can be reconciled with. If parents control every action of their child, then the teenager will perceive this as an excessive nitpicking, which in turn will only worsen the relationship with him.
6. Parents should teach a teenager to be responsible for their behavior and actions.
Raising a teenager is not an easy task, but following the above recommendations will make this process easier for parents.