Execution technique https://www.julianalucky.com/. We stand on four points of support – the palms and the rises of the feet. We make sure that the shoulders are located above the wrists, the hands are shoulder-width apart, and the pelvic bones are above the knees. Slightly pull the lower ribs and navel inward, which smoothes the lumbar deflection and helps to take a position with a straight back. We imagine how the whole body is assembled in the center – it is strong and motionless. We linger in this position for several breaths. Now let’s move on to the dynamics: while inhaling, we perform a deflection, directing the crown and tailbone to the ceiling, with an exhalation we round the upper back and push the shoulder blades away from the spine. We perform this movement 7-10 times – gently, feeling how the spine is being developed.

Simplifications. With weak wrists, we perform the form on the forearms.

Benefit. It relieves pain in the back and increases the mobility of the spine – this improves the blood supply to the intervertebral discs. Relieves unpleasant symptoms during critical days.