Meditation and for beginners allows the use of objects. For example, candles or flowers. It is important that the subject was one. If by luck you are in nature, then choose any item from your environment. The subject itself is of no fundamental importance. It acts, rather, as a means of switching attention. But looking at a burning candle for 10 minutes is more pleasant than a box of juice or a ballpoint pen.

Place a candle in front of you (it’s good if it is at eye level or a little lower so that you don’t have to tilt your head)
The preparatory part is the same as in any other technique: sit on a hard, flat surface, take a few deep and slow breaths in and out.
Breathe evenly and deeply. During the entire time of meditation, focus your attention on the flame of the candle, consider its movement, change in color, shape. It is important that you do not divert your attention to anything else. Concentration on one object will help you disconnect from everyday thoughts.