A mandala is a geometric symbol that is interpreted as a small copy of the model of the universe. From Sanskrit, the word “mandala” is translated as “disk”, “center” or “circle”.

If you look closely at the world around us, you will notice that the symbol of the mandala is found everywhere. Look at the sun, flowers or trees – you will see how the same principle runs through all of creation. Traditionally, the mandala is denoted by a circle (a symbol of space and nature), in which a square is inscribed – a symbol of the Earth and the world created by man.

But mandalas are not just a “map of the cosmos”. They have a deeper and more intimate meaning. A mandala is one of the ways to communicate with higher powers, a kind of prayer that is not pronounced with the help of words, but is expressed through a drawing.

In some religious traditions, it is customary to place images of various deities in the center of the mandala. It is believed that such a mandala will be a portal to other energy dimensions.

When the mandala is completed, it becomes a sacred place – a source of spirituality and power. The finished drawing can be hung in your home and meditated on it. By concentrating on the mandala, a person can access the information that is hidden in his subconscious.

Mandala, like a guide and https://www.julianalucky.com/, opens secret doors to the depths of the psyche. This makes it possible to access a source of colossal strength and energy, thanks to which a person is able to solve many personal problems.