Sometimes there is confusion with What is the correct word for ‘causal’ or ‘causal’ body? The word ‘causal’ comes from the Latin causa, which means ’cause. Therefore, this thin shell is sometimes called the causal or karmic body, indicating its function. In the traditions of Hinduism, the causal body is called ‘karana sharira’.

The order of the subtle bodies:

All experience accumulated by a person during his life in these subtle shells is transmitted to the causal body, influencing further incarnation of the soul in low or high worlds. Because this shell stores information about past lives, it is sometimes called the informational body.

After the death of the physical shell, other subtle bodies disintegrate in the reverse order of their formation:

the etheric body disappears on the 3rd day;
…the astral body on the ninth..;
the mental body on the 40th.
The causal body of a person with all accumulated information does not disintegrate after death, but reincarnates from life to life. It never dies because it is not born together with the physical body. It can be compared to a seed supported by karma. If karma is exhausted, it releases the individual consciousness of the person to join the ocean of pure consciousness.