When a person starts to live independently, he or she unwittingly faces the need to cook independently. Homemade food offers a range of benefits, from saving money to being able to cook according to personal preferences. In addition, the food is usually more nourishing and there is no doubt about the quality of the products used. But not everyone can cook, let’s look at how to learn this skill and what it takes to become an experienced chef.

Where do I start my study of cooking at home

Where do I start?
At the start it is important to approach the process thoroughly and consistently. On the one hand, like any case, you need to learn from the method of trial and error, on the other hand, theoretical preparation will not hurt. It is based on studying informational materials, consulting with experienced specialists, following recipes.

Buying accessories
KitchenwareCooking involves a range of tools. The choice is very wide, but the offer varies in price, quality and appearance. It is not worth spending a lot of money on kitchen utensils at the beginning, as they can break down and quickly become unusable. Subsequently, it is acceptable to buy expensive tools as well.

At the start, you will need the following auxiliary items:

a whisk, even if you have a blender and mixer in the house;
spoons and stirrers with handles of different lengths;
blades, it is better to buy both wooden and silicone ones.
As for dishes, for one or two people it is enough to have a pot for three or four liters, a frying pan from twenty to thirty centimeters and a small ladle with a handle. It is recommended to have measuring glasses as well, as recipes specify exact grams. Cooking dishes “by eye” is typical for experienced professionals.

Note the need for at least one sharp and handy knife. It is necessary to choose a one-piece construction, with which even with prolonged cutting your hand will not get tired.

Study of Theory
CookbookA study of information should start with the purchase of a cookbook. There are a lot of them for sale, it’s not recommended to take gourmet food at once, it’s better to start with something easier. For those accustomed to using a smartphone as their main tool, mobile apps with recipes are suitable, where they are distributed by difficulty.

The basic theory applies:

Where do I start my study of cooking at home

Safety technology – carefully wash food, prevent raw meat from coming into contact with the prepared dishes, wash the surface and dishes on which the food was cooked.
Follow the recipes and do not try to replace the food until the gull tastes like it.
It is worth starting with breakfast, and in the morning dishes are usually easier to eat and consist of fewer components.
Gradually increase the complexity of the chosen dishes. It is not worth endlessly to improve the recipe for making eggs.
It is recommended to give preference to healthy and healthy dishes. This approach will have a positive impact on your health and figure.

Development of skills
A new dishTheory is not a guarantee of cooking skills. It is important to sharpen your skills regularly. Key recommendations include:

Allow at least two dishes to be cooked daily;
preference should be given to recipes where the cooking time is less than thirty minutes and more time will be required at the start;
create a menu for the week with a shopping list, this will allow you to continue as planned;
introduce a new dish at least once a week.
As an additional motivation it is worth organizing parties for friends and relatives. It is also worthwhile to accompany the preparation and consumption of food with a certain ritual, such as candlelight dinner or pizza party.

Choose how you learn to cook
Today there are several methods and ways to learn to cook. Each of them involves the steps described above: preparation and practice. The one you choose is the one that is closer to you and more understandable.

We open a book about delicious and healthy food.
Training in books and pamphlets is one of the old, time-tested methods. It has been used by all previous generations. Previously, recipes were passed on from the elders to the youngest through home cooking books. Today the method is practiced less often.

We study the recipes on the Internet.
Searching for recipes online is easier because you can immediately set your preferred dish parameters. It is acceptable to specify the ingredients, the desired result in quantity. The search engine is extensive.

Other training methods
Other forms of courses include:

Where do I start my study of cooking at home

Attend cooking courses and master classes;
personal training from experienced professionals.
In order to choose the best way, you should ask yourself which form is closer in spirit and how much professional skills you want to learn.

Rules for a novice hostess
There are several rules of good tone for a novice hostess. As far as cooking is concerned, these rules apply:

Be sure to wash the dishes and kitchen after cooking.
Do not leave dirty dishes in the morning.
Learn to cook several dishes at once, e.g. bake in parallel in the oven and cook on the stove.
When baking, use parchment or foil.
When making sweet dishes, refrain from sugar in its purest form, replacing it.
If desired, you can read the full list of chips and features of household management.

Cooking tips for your age
Age is less important when cooking than skill and experience. However, you should not leave your child alone with the stove (especially the gas cooker). Until a novice cooker has reached adolescence, it is recommended that he creates in the presence of adults or limits the range of tools used by microwave oven.

We teach a child and teenager to cook.
Teaching childrenThe best way to teach is by example and working together. If you want your child to learn the basics of cooking from an early age, it is advisable to involve them in the process.

Not only do we cook deliciously, but we also cook beautifully.
One of the popular trends in cooking is to create not just dishes, but also works of art. Demand for dishes is primarily due to the development of social networks, people are eager to share their achievements in everything.

To turn food into a picture, you must first learn how to cook. Then it is acceptable to visit several master classes or watch webinars. The main thing is to connect fantasy and creativity.

Features of national cuisine of different countries
Japanese CuisineThere are features and chips in the preparation of dishes from different cuisines. They are popular in Russia in 2018:

Japanese – sushi, rolls, miso soups (spicy);
Italian – pizza, spaghetti;
Russian – soups, salads;
from neighboring countries – Ukrainian, Belarusian.
At the start you should choose one of the kitchens. The difference is largely due to the ingredients used, additives, spices and so on.

What to cook for the holidays?
When choosing a dish for an important event, but it is worth emphasizing something super sophisticated and sophisticated. The best solution is to make your favorite options. It is not recommended to experiment before an important event.

Where do I start my study of cooking at home

We learn new things and what’s useful.
Let’s consider which directions to explore in cooking are acceptable. At some point you will want to add new and original things to your diet. But do it by following already having a certain experience in the field of cooking.

The techniques and methods of cooking are varied. Only on the stove using different types of dishes it is acceptable to make absolutely different dishes from the same ingredients.

StewFor a healthy and balanced meal, it’s worth turning it on:

steaming, for example, vegetables;
baking in an oven or air grill.
Adding or replacing certain products is also very interesting. For example, if a regular vegetable salad is injected with a little lemon, the taste will be transformed. Often recipes contain unusual and rare spices and herbs. It is recommended not to neglect them, they are really capable of supplementing usual products with exclusive flavours.

We choose the type of cooking.
When choosing your cooking method, you should be guided by your personal priorities and preferences. For example, for those who are important figure will not fit fried products, but will like dishes made in the oven or steam.

At the start of a culinary career, many are guided by what is eaten from the dishes. That is, even if there is a burning desire to do something in the oven, but it is not, the application of the method is impossible.

In an oven…
Baking in the oven is an excellent method of cooking delicious and healthy food. It produces a delicious crispy crust. The product is cooked completely and preserves all the nutrients and trace elements.

Where do I start my study of cooking at home

In a multivarka
Food in a multivarkaMany people today use a multivarka to simplify their cooking process. Such a tool is easy to handle and has its advantages and disadvantages. The first are:

Quickness of cooking.
Multiple options can be created at the same time.
As for the disadvantages, the main one is the loss of nutrients in the process. The output turns out to be quite tasty, but not filled with useful elements.

On the stove.
Most people stick to the classic options of creating dishes – cooking on a stove using dishes. Firstly, it’s the easiest way to do it, as it only requires a few or even one name for the dishes, such as a pot or saucepan. Secondly, it is acceptable to cook a really wide range of dishes with different properties and qualities.