We all know the important role that sport and https://argoprep.com/blog/what-is-digital-literacy-and-why-does-it-matter/ plays in people’s lives. Sport is a health that a person should have from birth.

As a result of recent studies, it was found that adults currently move very little, which negatively affects their health. At the same time, the category of health and a n

umber of diseases that an adult suffers from is a direct result of the magnitude of the movements of a child at school age. The more active a student is, the higher his life potential and state of health will be.

The reason for the decrease in the motor activity of school-age children is that children sit in front of TVs for a long time, play phones, and plus all the benefits of civilization.

Sooner or later, almost all parents think about the issue of determining their child in the sports section.

Playing sports and https://argoprep.com/blog/implementing-socratic-seminar-in-your-school/ will increase the body’s resistance to various diseases, accustom to adherence to the regime, a clear distribution of one’s personal time. Also, sports activities provide great opportunities for strong-willed, moral, intellectual, aesthetic education.

Separately, it is worth noting the role of sports sections in shaping the personality of the child, his worldview, attitude towards himself and others. By exercising, communicating with peers who are passionate about the same sport, the child will gain knowledge, improve health, develop not only physical, but also mental, creative abilities. Children who are passionate about sports during the school period are less likely to develop negative habits.

How to make sure that the child is carried away by the proposed sport and attends the section with pleasure?

Every child wants to try everything, so polyathlon is such a sport. After all, it includes several types (swimming, running, throwing and shooting).

Well, who does not know about the benefits of swimming …. Swimming is often used for medicinal purposes in the fight against diseases of the spine, muscle underdevelopment. Children visiting the pool and learning various water sports have: excellent posture, strong muscles, hardening, strong immunity. Athletics is not the most popular, but very interesting sport. The variety of species studied by children allows us to speak of a broad preparation for any test. Jumping, running, throwing a ball, grenades and other subspecies in the early stages are studied by everyone. Track and field athletics during the school period helps: strengthen the musculoskeletal system, develop dexterity, speed, strength, endurance, form will, patience.

Any sport has a beneficial effect on the health of athletes. Bullet shooting is no exception. Teenagers at the first stage undergo general sports training. After that, emphasis is placed on the special training of shooters. During training, the muscles of the legs, arms, chest and back are involved, which allows you to keep your body in good shape. Shooters develop a special psychological balance and the ability to focus and control emotions. Athletes in bullet shooting are distinguished by the ability to abstract from the surrounding noise and calmness.

Sport stimulates its pupils through trips to various competitions, in which the child: gets acquainted with his peers from other cities, countries; discovers new cities, culture; sees differences between approaches, people, countries.