Vajrasana yoga pose

Yoga for beginners often includes this pose, otherwise known as “diamond relentless.” Although it is easy to perform, it has many health benefits: it increases blood circulation, reduces anxiety, depression, helps treat constipation, acidity and indigestion, and relaxes the… Read More


Shiva and personifies the cosmic consciousness, the static masculine principle of the universe, opposite to Shakti, the dynamic feminine principle of the universe. Adherents of Shiva revere him as the highest Reality. They see him as the Guru of… Read More

Psychological preparation for school

School readiness, it turns out, is not just about skills and knowledge and Psychological readiness for school is like a snowman. Everyone has heard of it. Everyone knows that it’s some important thing that is tested by psychologists with… Read More

What is the causal body

Sometimes there is confusion with What is the correct word for ‘causal’ or ‘causal’ body? The word ‘causal’ comes from the Latin causa, which means ’cause. Therefore, this thin shell is sometimes called the causal or karmic body, indicating… Read More