Execution technique We stand on four points of support – the palms and the rises of the feet. We make sure that the shoulders are located above the wrists, the hands are shoulder-width apart, and the pelvic bones are… Read More


Adolescence is an inexhaustible topic such as Parents whose children are just approaching this age are worried about how to properly prepare for it and draw scary pictures for themselves. Parents who are already experiencing it with their children… Read More

How to raise teenagers

Adolescence is a time when a child goes through physical, mental and emotional changes. It is extremely difficult for parents to carry out the educational process in such a period. However, to make this age less problematic is within the… Read More

What is a mandala

A mandala is a geometric symbol that is interpreted as a small copy of the model of the universe. From Sanskrit, the word “mandala” is translated as “disk”, “center” or “circle”. If you look closely at the world around us,… Read More

Walks and excursions

Even a simple walk in the park and will help the child learn more about ecology. Pay attention to what trees grow around, what condition they are in, how the leaves are removed, whether there are bird feeders and… Read More

Technique using an item

Meditation and for beginners allows the use of objects. For example, candles or flowers. It is important that the subject was one. If by luck you are in nature, then choose any item from your environment. The subject itself… Read More

What skills do children need to develop?

For full implementation, it is important to be able to plan, learn, and communicate in society. Such skills in the modern world are becoming basic and necessary. Therefore, we offer you a list of 10 skills that will help… Read More