How to learn how to cook from scratch, tips

Mothers joke: as soon as the question “How to learn how to cook from scratch?” appears in the head of the offspring, the child starts to grow up. Although it happens differently: only as an adult, a person for the first time faces the need to learn the culinary mysteries. In women, everything starts with observation. From an early age, a girl plays hostess, watching her mother. At first her “products” are sand, leaves and stones in the yard, then – real products from kitchen cabinets.

Men make it easier – they act when strictly necessary: bachelor life, student days. However, international practice shows that the best chefs of leading restaurants and culinary shows are usually men.

How to learn how to cook from scratch…
We’ve combined the advice of experienced chefs into one list, and here’s what happened. In order for a dish to turn out great the first time…

good mood;
free time;
quality products;
easy to learn recipe;
handy dishes;
good household appliances;
an experienced tutor (optional, but desirable).
These components are the guarantee of success of any novice cook or cook. There are other, more professional advice on how to learn to cook.

The combination of
The ability to create a culinary ensemble from individual ingredients is similar to the skill of a designer. Any chef knows that the taste of fish is emphasized by lemon juice, tomatoes are good with garlic and cheese, and the taste of poultry meat is more interesting with fruits – oranges and apples.

It would be good to know how to use some spices. For example, black pepper, celery and garlic will go with vegetables, nutmeg, ginger and cardamom will go with meat, soups will get unusual flavor thanks to sage and thyme.

Methods of preparation
Traditional frying, boiling and quenching are familiar and convenient, but sometimes boring. What do you think of washing fry? It’s very fast frying with constant stirring. And baking? What’s no salvation for a kettle of cooking? It’s enough to put food and spices in one dish, pour oil and – in the oven. It’s just a matter of keeping track of time and temperature.

How to learn how to cook from scratch, tips

How do you learn to cook soup from scratch
As a training recipe we will take a light lean soup with potatoes and pasta. In the boiling water we put peeled and diced potatoes; when the potatoes boil, throw the pasta and cook until ready. At this time, fry chopped onions and carrots in oil. Add to the pot, salt and pepper. The soup is ready!

Over time, you can complicate the recipe: use meat broth instead of water, diversify the frying by adding cream, cheese and spices, increase the number of components of the soup, having studied the time of preparation of each of them. The most important thing is to learn how to cook with love and joy! Believe me, these ingredients will be tasted by everyone you treat yourself to a hand-cooked dish.